Tottenham fans absolutely furious with Daniel Levy AND Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham have gone out of their second domestic cup competition in just four days and the Tottenham faithful are from happy about it.

It was not that they got beat but the manner is how they got beat, the fact that Pochettino did not play the best players available to him including Eriksen and the general lack of passion from the players has not gone down well.

Daniel Levy, the clubs co-owner and chairman is coming in for some significant criticism for the lack of investment in a squad that is clearly crying out for it, which has never been more highlighted now that Spurs are without three of their top men.

A quick look on Twitter and it is abundantly obvious that the Spurs fans are far from happy, the anger is pure and from the soul, they have simply had enough and the prospect of another season without a trophy is now very real.

A sample of some tweets from angry Tottenham fans

Pochettino has had a hell of a honeymoon period but it seems that the only people that really rate him these days are the media, the Tottenham fans are losing faith with him and rightfully so, his constant excuses every time Tottenham fall short are now starting to wear thin.

There was once a time when Spurs fans mocked Arsenal fans for looking at a top-four spot as some sort of trophy, seems like that is now the policy at White Hart Lane.


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