Tony Adams – Drunk And Dry documentary

Tony Adams had an ongoing battle with alcoholism, which increasingly blighted his life as he was reportedly often involved in fights in nightclubs.

On 6 May 1990, Adams crashed his Ford Sierra into a wall in Rayleigh and when breathalysed his blood alcohol level was found to be more than four times the legal drink-drive limit.

On 19 December that year, at Southend Crown Court, he was imprisoned for four months (being freed after half of his sentence on 15 February 1991) He became one of the most high-profile recovering alcoholics in the UK;

His recovery and rehabilitation were helped in no small part by the arrival of Arsène Wenger as Arsenal manager in October 1996.

Wenger reformed the club’s dietary practices and the players’ lifestyles. Wenger stuck by Adams following his confessions about his drink problem, and the improvements in the regime probably extended Adams’s career by several years.

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