They could treat it as a betrayal – harsh words for Maurizio Sarri

It looks almost certain that Maurizio Sarri will be named the new Juventus this week and there is at least one Chelsea player that believes it would be seen as a betrayal if he takes up the position in Turin.

Sarri favourite Jorginho is the player in question who has made the betrayal comments but he was not referring to Chelsea, he was, in fact, referring to Sarri’s previous club Napoli.

Jorginho followed Sarri to Stamford Bridge from Napoli and therefore is reflecting what he believes will be felt in Naples towards their former manager.

The Brazilian is also of the opinion that Sarri has had a good season with Chelsea despite all the criticism and would feel sad to see the Italian move back to his homeland.

“It would be sad because I think (Sarri) did a good job,” Jorginho said.

“We finished third in the Premier League, we won the Europa League and we reached the EFL Cup final despite all the critics.

“It was a good first season in Chelsea. It would be sad for everyone.

“The Napoli fans still have him in their hearts; it’s normal that they could get angry. They could treat it as a betrayal; they’re like that. We’ll see what happens.”

Even though Jorginho was clearly trying to be diplomatic they were harsh words, he is basically saying, you go to Juve and you are a traitor.


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  1. It will be a big mistake letting him go.. Give the guy some time

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