Slavisa Jokanovic slams referee for disallowing goal against Liverpool

Fulham manager Slavisa Jokanovic could be in hot water with the FA following comments he made accusing referee Paul Tierney of showing disrespect to his side.

Jokanovic is angry with the decision to disallow a goal from Aleksandar Mitrovic, which led to Mohamed Salah scoring just 14 seconds later for Liverpool.

The decision was contentious and replays showed that Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson was in line with the Serbian forward.

“When I check the clips now it’s Robertson (who) hasn’t done a good enough job to squeeze up and my player is onside and scored the goal,” Jokanovic said.

“In one moment, a crucial moment, instead of 1-0 up we’re 1-0 down.

“We can talk about this situation for hours, but the damage is done. It’s a completely absurd situation to defend.

“In this country normally you cannot show disrespect to the referee and this is a problem because it’s shown disrespect to my team, myself and Fulham supporters.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also appears to be in agreement with his counterpart saying,

“We were a bit lucky and maybe because of Robbo it is not 100% offside because of his heel,”

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Mohamed Salah scoring just 14 seconds after Aleksandar Mitrovic disallowed goal

It is understandable that Jokanovic is upset but the truth is that it was really borderline and the chances are that if it was against his team and had been allowed he would have been just a vociferous in complaining that the goal should not have been allowed, the referees cannot win in these instances, especially without VAR.

The Serbian should also look at his own team for turning off and allowing Salah to score in just 14 seconds.

Fulham are in trouble and they could do with some luck but attacking the referee for such a close call is not justified in this instance.


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