Selling star man is something that Arsenal really should consider

Selling a Golden Boot winner would seem madness but there is a very strong case for Arsenal to do just that with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

It is common knowledge that the Gunners have a restricted transfer budget in the region of £40 Million and if they are to overhaul their flawed squad they will need to top that up significantly with player sales and it is not as if they have an abundance of high-value talent.

They could probably get £60 Million for the Gabon international, who is wanted by at least two Chinese clubs, which is a lot more than they could get for almost every other player in team aside from Alexandre Lacazette,

Aubameyang is close to 30, his career at the very top probably has just a couple of years left and he would have a very low sell on value in just 12 months time when he would have just a year remaining on his contract. If he is to be sold it needs to be now.

There are quality young forwards out there that could replace him and do a good job that would be around for a lot longer and that would be cheaper right now in terms of wages.

By selling Aubameyang, Arsenal can get an adequate replacement and have enough money left over to buy one, possibly two good players to fill positions that are in desperate need.


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Anthony Turner

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