Revealed: Biggest reason Maurizio Sarri has decided to quit Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri got Chelsea to the Carabao Cup final, third in the Premier League and won the Europa League and yet he felt he could not remain at the club and one of the biggest reasons for that was the fans.

The Chelsea supporters did give the Italian some ferocious abuse throughout the season and for Sarri, it came to a head in Wales when Chelsea defeated Cardiff City.

Chants could be heard from a section of the terraces housing the Chelsea fans screaming “Sarri out” and “f*** Sarri-ball”

It has to be said that it was not just the abuse from the fans that contributed to Sarri deciding to leave Stamford Bridge, the players and the board gave him almost no support, especially when they were going through a difficult period but it was the abuse he received in Cardiff that was the final straw.

Football is a fickle game but the ease with which fans, not just Chelsea fans, turn on their managers and hurl vile diatribes at them is shocking and in this case the Chelsea fans have shot themselves in the foot losing a manger that was very successful for them because they simply were unable to show faith and patience.


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