Pep Guardiola and Leroy Sane react to racist abuse at Raheem Sterling

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, has given his reaction to the alleged racist abuse aimed at Raheem Sterling in the game at Chelsea.

Guardiola says that it is not just football that suffers from racism but that it is everywhere.

“Raheem is an incredible person, an incredible human being,” said Guardiola.

“In the 21st Century it’s tough to understand today what happened years ago for black people. You have to protect how equal we are together and help us to be better.”

Guardiola was also asked if the media is responsible for any of the ongoing abuse aimed at Sterling

“I don’t know. When I arrived here I spoke with him because I know he was so active on social media.

“I told him to protect your private life and keep it outside that situation. Hopefully he has done that.

“You expect it (negativity) when he’s played bad, but just for the colour of his skin? No.

“The real power in the world today is in the media, not politicians, so they have a responsibility.”

Guardiola was not the only Man City employee to voice an opinion, Sterling’s teammate Leroy Sane also had this to say

“It is sad this happens still, We are on Raheem’s side”

“He’s a strong guy, a good guy, he knows how to handle it.

“He is still focused, wants to play good football and he is focused on the game tomorrow. That’s the most important thing.”

The fan that is accused of racially abusing Sterling has been named as Colin Wing, the 60-year-old claims that he has lost his job and Chelsea season ticket, he denies that he called Sterling a black cunt but rather a Manc cunt and has apologised for his abhorrent behaviour.

Regardless of whether this man is guilty or not of racism there is no denying that black players do suffer horrendous abuse, it is clearly seen on and off the field of play, it is rampant within society and the media must shoulder some of the responsibility for the part they have played.

It is now down to the authorities, both in and outside of sport to get to grips with this or it will continue to plague the game we all love.


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