Paul Pogba to take drastic action to force a move away from Manchester United

Manchester United rebel Paul Pogba is prepared to do whatever it takes to force a move away from Old Trafford and according to some reports that does include effectively going on strike.

Pogba wants a transfer to Real Madrid, he has made absolutely no secret of that fact but United are not keen on selling him, thus the standoff between the player and club.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane is said to want the Frenchman as part of his summer revolution at the Spanish giants and has made him his next priority after the signing of Eden Hazard.

According to reports in Spain, Pogba will refuse to play for United if they do not give in to his demands and is hoping that will be enough to force the club to back down.

Speaking in Tokyo, the 26-year-old admitted that he is ready for a new challenge after three years in Manchester,

“Like you said, there is a lot of talking and a lot of thinking as well” Pogba told reporters

“For me I have been for three years in Manchester and have been doing great – some good moments and some bad moments, like everybody. Like everywhere else.

“After this season and everything that happened this season, with my season being my best season as well, I think for me it could be a good time to have a new challenge somewhere else.

“I am thinking of this, to have a new challenge somewhere else.”

You have to think that Pogba has burnt his bridges at Old Trafford with both the club and fans but the thing is this, United are big enough and rich enough to take him on and force their will on him, they can sustain forcing him to train with the youth team or simply fine him non stop until he backs down.

The question is, will they?


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