Mikel Arteta reveals how Arsenal winter camp will help him assess team


Arsenal is currently enjoying their winter break in the sunny kingdom of Dubai.

The Gunners have been given two weeks off in the first-ever Premier League winter break and Mikel Arteta is set to get as much from his players as he can.

The Spanish manager has been afforded limited time to know his team and also explain his system to them as he was named their new manager in the middle of the season, however, this break would offer him the chance to get more in-depth knowledge of his first-team stars.

Speaking about the Dubai break, Arteta detailed how the break would help him make a wholesome assessment of his team.

“Hours together, to spend together, grab a coffee together, to have conversations, to have unit meetings, individual meetings, group meetings about the things we have to achieve,” Arteta told Arsenal.com when asked what the camp enables him to do.

“To review what we have done. I have made a big review of what we have done so far in these five or six weeks, the things where we can improve, the areas where we have improved and that we have to maintain, that we cannot lose.
“Hopefully we can make another step forward as a team now.”

After the camp, the Gunners ill face a test against Steve Bruce’s Newcastle and that game presents the team a fresh chance to test what they have learnt in the Middle East.

It would also present Pablo Mari the chance to make his first Arsenal start if he continues to train well as Arteta claims he has been doing.

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  1. Good piece of information from the team manager quite impressive, Arsenal fan should should give the coach more time to adapt with the system and the players.

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