Maurizio Sarri art of man management – blame the players

Maurizio Sarri is blaming the Chelsea players for and not himself for midfielder Jorginho’s struggles on the pitch.

According to Sarri, he feels that the players around Jorginho are not helping him enough and basically, need to step up their game.

Jorginho’s performances have come in for criticism from the fans but Sarri is simply ignoring all the evidence before him and not accepting any of the blame himself.

The Brazilian cost a cool £50 Million and has not lived up to that valuation so far, he is lacking in vision, mobility and creativity but it is not his fault claims Sarri, but his teammates.

“Jorginho played very well,” Sarri said after the 5-0 win over Huddersfield.

“Jorginho needs movement without the ball from the other players because he is used to play one touch and it’s very difficult to play one touch without the movement of the other players.

“So the team in the first 25-30 minutes played very well, we have movements without the ball and for Jorginho it’s easier I think.

“We played our football because we moved the ball fast, very well. We didn’t play our backs to the opposing goal like in the last match but we attacked the spaces, so we played our football.”

Not sure that the Chelsea players will enjoy being called out by Sarri, they are notorious for getting managers removed and if the Italian is not careful he will end up alienating the players and thus ensuring his future at Stamford Bridge will be limited.


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