Mauricio Pochettino sends a very serious warning to Daniel Levy

Tottenham is on the verge of having one of the greatest seasons in their history but this could also be the last season that we see Mauricio Pochettino as manager of the club if changes are not made in the summer.

Pochettino has created a miracle at Spurs getting them to a Champions League final on a limited budget with no new signings in the last two transfer windows and playing at a temporary stadium while the new White Hart Lane was being built but it seems enough is enough for the Argentine.

“I am open to everything,” Pochettino said, when asked about his future.

“What I am not open to is starting a new chapter with no plan, with no clear idea, with not being transparent and being able to tell our fans what is our objective, to stop talking about perception, talk about reality – because if not, it is going to be difficult.

“We know very well that we need to operate in a different way and that doesn’t mean to spend more or less money. It’s to be transparent and say: ‘This is what we want for the next year, or the next five or 10 years.'”

I am not sure he could have been any clearer in the message he is sending to the Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, basically, he is saying give me a huge transfer budget or I walk and you cannot blame him.

Tottenham have built a Billion-pound stadium and with Pochettino in charge have done remarkably well but if the notoriously frugal Levy does not back his manager he will lose him. Pochettino wants to take Tottenham onto the next level and that requires sustained investment in the team.

You cannot expect to compete with Man City and Liverpool on a long term basis without spending big, Pochettino knows that, the fans know that and it has to be hoped that Levy knows that.


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