Losing to Chelsea will end Man Utd top four hopes

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Man Utd simply cannot lose to Chelsea next Monday night.

Mathematically, United’s top-four hopes would not be over with but in all reality, a loss at Stamford Bridge would be the end of their champions league hopes via the Premier League.

United would be nine points behind Chelsea if they were to lose and with just 12 games remaining that would make it very difficult. But there is more to it than that.

Tottenham, Sheffield United, Everton and quite possibly Wolves would also sit above the Red Devils, it is inconceivable that they would all collapse as well.

United could, of course, win every single match thereafter but let’s get real for a minute, that is simply never going to happen.

A draw would not be great but neither would it be a total disaster but a loss would be.

Chelsea themselves know that their top-four ambitions would be severely hit with a loss. That makes this match-up a genuine six-pointer.

It should also be noted that Wolves and Tottenham will have played their games. They could quite easily be one and three points respectively behind Chelsea when they kick off their game against United.

United would also be five points behind Spurs prior to kick-off. There comes a point when the points gap just becomes too much.

In conclusion, If United lose they can kiss top-four goodbye.

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