Liverpool star tells Tottenham straight the difference between the clubs

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has made it clear why Liverpool got the better of Tottenham in yesterdays 2-1 win at Anfield.

The Reds emerged victorious because of an 89th-minute own goal from Toby Alderweireld, though in all fairness the blame lies solely with Thumbalina Hugo Lloris.

“We knew what kind of game it was going to be, coming up against a top team like Tottenham,” Alexander-Arnold said.

“Both teams wanted to win but I think we wanted it more than them.”

Not sure that is 100% accurate, Spurs were the better team overall, especially in the second half and should have won the game and the own goal was a freaky goal and had nothing to do with who as more determined.

That said, is anyone really surprised that Spurs lost, they do have a habit of bottling it and history will show that is exactly what happened.

And of course, the Liverpool players are in the position to make whatever claims they want, they won and have now collected six points from their opponents this season, that gives them the right to gloat.


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