Liverpool legend makes bold claim about Eden Hazard

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has claimed that Eden Hazard is too good for Chelsea right now and needs to move on to Real Madrid.

Hazard was in imperious form last night against West Ham, he ran the show and displayed the brilliance that has made the Spanish giants determined to land the Belgium superstar this summer.

And it is that sort of performance that has convinced the likes of Carragher that Hazard needs to move on so that he can play at a higher level.

“To be honest I don’t think you can ever stop that (speculation around Real Madrid),” Carragher said on Sky Sports.

“Most players see that as the pinnacle, it’s happened at both our clubs, United and Liverpool , and I agree it’s sad in terms of not watching them week in, week out.

“But I almost feel like Hazard has to play for a Real Madrid or a Barcelona.

“He’s that good that there are some players you think just have to play at that level.

“No disrespect, but I think Hazard’s too good for Chelsea right now.

“I just think he’s that good a player.

“With Hazard, I think he’s one of the best players in the world and I think the best players in the world play at your Real Madrid’s and your Barcelona’s.

“At this moment, Chelsea aren’t. He’s won leagues with them, he hasn’t won a Champions League, but I think as an individual player he needs a Real Madrid on his CV to finish that career.”

Some bold comments there from Carragher and they are sure to antagonise the Chelsea fans, it is very debatable if La Liga is on a different level to the top teams in the Premier League and anyway, there is one huge obstacle standing in the way and that is the impending transfer ban that FIFA has imposed on the Blues.

Hazard may well want to sign for Real but unless Chelsea can replace him, which they cannot as things stand, then it is highly unlikely that they will sanction a move this summer.

That does not mean that Hazard will not get his dream move eventually, just not this summer, or next winter.

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