Liverpool and Man Utd deserve to be champions after Man City cheating

UEFA have confirmed Man City cheated and as such, they should be stripped of their titles.

The word chested is certainly controversial but what other words would one use when Man City systematically broke the rules and then lied and covered up those lies?

When Lance Armstrong was caught cheating in the Tour de France he had his titles stripped, the same should apply with City because what they did was also doping, financial doping.

In the period that City unfairly built their team into champions, they won three Premier League titles. Twice Liverpool finished second and once Man Utd. There is also FA Cup and League cup wins in that time frame also. Man City should be stripped of them all.

If they are not then those title wins will always be stained, they will never be seen as being won fairly.

It is understandable why City did what they did, they wanted to catch up in double-quick time. But it is their own fault that they were never a huge team and financial doping is not the way to correct it.

Build the team up organically in the same way Tottenham, Arsenal, Wolves, and even Man Utd have done. Chelsea for obvious reasons is not included in that.

Man City have a huge following, they could have built themselves into an elite team. But years of incompetence is what handicapped them. They could have put that right in a proper manner but they chose to cheat instead.

If City does not get the book thrown at them then other teams will just follow their model. Is that what we all really want? What is to stop a billionaire buying Northampton Town and buying their way to success unfairly?

What City did was to distort the game and they do not deserve to have benefitted from that.


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Anthony Turner

Anthony is the editor and main writer on FootyCosmos and has been writing about football for as long as he can remember.


  1. With an appeal to the CAS yet to be heard you have gone ahead to accuse CITY of cheating without waiting for the appeal.
    You are both biased and perjured.Disgusting also to say the least.

    1. So, you are saying that UEFA has not banned Man City for two Champions League for cheating. OK, someone had better tell UEFA and the rest of football. Maybe the Russians are behind the “fake news”

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