Jurgen Klopp makes it clear what he expects to face next season from his rivals

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp does not see next season’s Premier League title race being between just his team and Manchester City.

The German is clear in his view that neither City or his team will be any worse but does expect more competition from the other top-six clubs.

“What can we say about City? They will probably not be worse next year, that’s clear, and we will not be worse but the others will all strike back, Klopp said.

“The main difference between us, City and the other four teams was not the quality really, it’s the consistency.

“Consistency is something you can work on and the quality will increase at the other clubs, that is how it is.

“We have to really make sure that we stay on track and do the right things again and again, and we will have very positive future.”

Tottenham will almost certainly spend significant amounts of money in the summer and will strengthen and may well be the closest challenger to the top two.

Manchester United are also expected to splash the cash this summer but they look too far back to be able to make up the ground to be title contenders.

Arsenal have a restricted transfer budget and Chelsea are facing a transfer ban and so it is questionable that those two will strengthen enough to be competitive at the top.

Klopp is being generous about his rivals, there is far too much of a gap between City and Liverpool and the rest and if you had to plump for one team that could possibly close the gap it would be Tottenham but even that is a bit of a long shot.


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