It is no longer a top-six but a top-three

Based on what has transpired this season it is no longer credible to characterise the top of the Premier League a top-six, it is far more realistic to refer to it as a top-three.

Manchester City and Liverpool are by far superior to the rest of the top six which includes Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, however, there are very good reasons to assume that Tottenham will progress next season.

Spurs will spend this summer, it is inconceivable to think they will go a third transfer window without splashing the cash and any new players they bring in will strengthen an already top-class squad, they may not quite reach the level of City and Liverpool but they will make inroads, the same cannot be said of Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal.

Chelsea are facing a transfer ban and the prospect of losing their best player Eden Hazard, Arsenal do not have the transfer budget required to overhaul their squad and make them all of a sudden title contenders and United’s problem are so deep-rooted that even a mass influx of top talent will not be enough, not in the short term anyway.

Spurs will also be in a position where they can start to compete financially with the big spenders, they will be receiving over £100 Million from this seasons Champions League run, match day income will rise significantly and they made a profit last year of over £100 Million.

Liverpool and City have the cash to splash in abundance but their squads are already strong enough to such an extent that they will not be forced into spending huge amounts unnecessarily.

It is difficult to see how Arsenal, Chelsea and United can rebuild their teams in the short term in a competitive transfer market when they either have no real transfer budget, are on a transfer ban or not in the Champions League and unable to attract the best.

All this sets the scenario for a two-tier top six with Man City and Liverpool at the top, Tottenham not far behind and Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd fighting for the scraps.


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