If Liverpool beat Man Utd in transfer battle it will be frightening

One of the biggest transfer battles that will take place this summer is already under and that is the fight for the signature of Ajax teenage captain Matthijs de Ligt between Manchester United and Liverpool.

The rumours are that de Ligt is set to turn United down and if that is the case and he ends up at Anfield to partner his compatriot Virgil van Dijk the Reds will arguably have one of the strongest defences in world football.

Remember that van Dijk and de Ligt know each other well, they play together for the Dutch national team and it is no surprise that the Netherlands have turned their fortunes around since the pair clicked in defence.

There are other teams interested like Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona but it really does look like Liverpool have the edge on everyone else.

The huge problem for United is they are no longer seen as a competitive team at either domestic level or European level, in fact, they are not even in the Champions League and it would take a huge leap of faith and money to tempt any player to join them over Liverpool.

Liverpool are already a formidable outfit and if you add de Ligt to their roster they will have been strengthened immeasurably and that is frightening, especially for Manchester City who know they will have to maintain their stupendously high standards to keep the Reds at bay next season.


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