Has Granit Xhaka humiliated and exposed the Arsenal fans?

Arsenal fans forgive Granit Xhaka after just two good games.

So, you can tell your own fans to f##k off, throw the captains armband on the floor, rip the clubs shirt off, antagonising the fans wildly throwing your arms in the air and NOT apologise and know that at Arsenal all you have to do to get forgiveness is put in a couple of average performances.

What has happened to the days when no player is allowed to disrespect the club? That is clearly not the case at the Emirates where the fans are concerned. It does not matter what a player does anymore as long as he can string a few passes together.

To their credit, there are some Arsenal fans that will never forgive such a disgraceful act. But sadly, some of them simply do not care what Xhaka did.

The toxic AFTV immediately went on the rampage calling for him to be sacked. Now they are saying let’s build the club around him, he is world-class.

But should anyone be surprised really when it comes to Arsenal?

They have a player in Mesut Ozil that has been bang average for years. He milks them savagely for every penny he can get. Literally does not care if they are winning or losing when it comes to slow walking off the pitch. Yet, he puts in one or two good performances and now he is the best playmaker the world has ever seen.

Arsenal fans are some of the most passionate in the game, they are knowledgable like few others, they live for their club. So why do they allow their players to treat them in such a way?

I have no idea why. But the Gooners are not doing themselves any favours by being so laid back when it comes to being disrespected. it sends a message to any player that plays for Arsenal that they can do what they want. The Arsenal fans will just forgive them as long as they play well against a team in a lower league.


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  1. I understand your disappointment with the fans.But Arteta has called on them to get behind the players he picks! It’s about being a team together ,a new era and slate! So I,m afraid it’s not about this colomn picking what players it wants to ostrisise to get viewers!
    So stop whinging and get with the new era!!

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