Four possible reasons why players chose Pogba over Hazard for team of the year

The PFA Team of the Year has been released today and there is one massive shock includion and an unfathonable ommission.

The Professional Footballer’s Association has decided in their wisdom to include Paul Pogba and omit Eden Hazard much to the bewilderment of almost everyone.

The team includes six Manchester City players and four Liverpool players which in itself is not controversial but the same cannot be said about the inclusion of the Man Utd midfielder.

The team is as follows

Van Dijk
Bernardo Silva

OK, so why the hell have the players decided that Pogba is more deserving than Hazard?

Here are four reasons that we can think of that may have prompted the players to choose Pogba over Hazard.

1) Timing of the vote

The votes were cast right in the middle of United’s unbeaten run under new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and it may we that the players were voting in the moment as opposed to the whole season.

2) Too much falling down from Hazard

It could be that players are fed up with the amount of times that Hazard drops to the floor from the slightest of touches and that has created some antagonism towards him.

3) The player’s experience of playing against both players

This is a vote from the players and they may see something on the field that us fans simply do not see, remember it is only defenders really that have to put up with Hazard, whereas it is players all over the field that come into contact with Pogba.

4) Hazard excluded because he is a forward and not a midfielder.

Pogba and Hazard actually play different positions and it is noticeable that there is not many calling for Hazard to replace Sterling, Aguero or Mane which would surely have been the position that Hazard would have been chosen for and not midfield where Pogba was chosen.

Now, we agree that Pogba should not even be close to this team and the reasons above are only what may have possibly been going through the players minds at the time of the vote but the fact that a place was found for Pogba and not Hazard has made this year’s PFA team a bit of a laughing stock.


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  1. yes i believe those that vote him then pogba game changed to bad imidiately zidan came back to real madrid he has decided to go to madrid that is the reason he play bad so that man utd can get tired of him he done far above hazard no single douth bye and God bless you

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