Former French world cup star showing serious bitterness towards Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

There are some serious sour grapes going around France right now and former France World Cup star Christophe Dugarry seems to have a whole mouthful.

Dugarry is not handling the loss suffered by Paris Saint Germain at the hands of Manchester United last night very well, unleashing a poor loser blast at United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“You have to make them believe it’s possible. But even they did not believe it before the game. They believed it because they scored quickly” Dugarry ranted

“But otherwise … It was a B team. I’m not sure Manchester managed to make six straight passes in this game.

“Solskjaer? He set up a 4-4-2 with what he had left, he did not even know if it was (Eric) Bailly or (Ashley) Young who was going to mark (Juan) Bernat.

“He is lucky that Bailly as injured, there were mistakes from (Thilo) Kehrer and (Gigi) Buffon.

“He (Solskjaer) is incredibly lucky tonight.”

Poor poor Dugarry, he really cannot handle it, can he? Why he is taking out his frustration on Solskjaer is beyond me, surely he should aim his ire at PSG for not converting chance after chance, for terrible lapses in defence, for showing immense arrogance before the game thinking they had already won it, for being unable to see out a game and so on.

But fair enough, let him rant, it is entertaining to see the meltdown taking place over the Channel.

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