Eden Hazard will not be leaving and no superstars will be joining Chelsea

Chelsea are facing a two-window transfer ban and unless it is overturned, which appears to be very unlikely, then it is almost certain that they will not allow Eden Hazard to leave because they cannot replace him, that is a simple fact that cannot be ignored.

It would be utter madness for the Blues to sell their best player with no hope of replacing him or strengthening their squad, it would almost certainly guarantee that they will not be at all competitive next season even if they did make the Champions League through either a top-four finish or winning the Europa League.

The media can talk about this player coming in or that player arriving or Hazard leaving or whatever they want to speculate about but the transfer ban overhangs every single scenario that you can think of and while ever it remains in place they will not be selling or buying, they just cannot afford to.

Of course, the final say remains with Roman Abramovich, he does look like an owner that no longer cares and he may well sanction the sale of the Belgium international but you have to ask yourselves why would he devalue a club he no longer cares about, surely he would want to maximise it’s value so he can sell up and be done with it all?

There is also a strong possibility that Maurizio Sarri will be sacked, if that does happen who would take the job on knowing that the team will be weakened significantly with no hope of strengthening the side and with Chelsea two transfer windows is a long time, it is not as if a new manager could sit back and think that he will have a king’s ransom to spend when the ban expires because the chances are he will be sacked well before then, that is what Chelsea do to underperforming managers.

Everything comes back to the transfer ban, if it remains, then nothing will happen and the status quo will remain intact, if it is overturned then yes, Hazard will most likely be sold, Sarri sacked and a new manager and a rash of new players brought onboard but it remains a huge if.


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