Chelsea star reveals summer transfer plans and it will please the fans

Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen was hoping that he would be able to secure a transfer out of Stamford Bridge in the summer, however, he has now admitted that is probably not going to happen and it is not just him that is unlikely to be sold, the same applies to the likes of Eden Hazard.

The reason that the Dane is of this opinion is because of the impending transfer ban that FIFA has imposed on the Blues.

Under normal circumstances, a club is allowed to continue doing transfers while an appeal is heard, however, on this occasions FIFA have refused to allow Chelsea to sign players while the appeal is heard and this has seriously affected what will happen in the summer.

Speaking to Ekstra Bladet, Christensen said: “The situation I have ended up in has been very difficult to accept.

“The messages we have received are that Chelsea cannot appeal the case and therefore want to keep all the players.

“I have tried to show myself on the training track, but it is difficult because it is limited how much we train with all the matches the team is going to play.

“Now I have played the matches in the Europa League and hope it will continue as long as we are in the tournament.”

There you have it, note exactly what he has said, Chelsea wants to keep all their players and Christensen should know, he is a Chelsea player after all and would likely be more informed about their plans than the media.

The significant thing about these comments is that it must include Hazard, you have to think that Chelsea will not allow their best player to leave when they cannot replace him and as things stand right now, that is exactly the situation.


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