Chelsea star gives his opinion about playing under Frank Lampard

There is a new era at Chelsea and for one player, in particular, he is really looking forward to the new season under Frank Lampard.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has been speaking about the upcoming campaign and reflected on last season.

Speaking to the club’s website Azpilicueta said

“I’m really looking forward to the new season,”

“We’ve all had a good break, which was needed after a long season with the Europa League running until the end of May.

“It was great to win a trophy to finish with and now we are all ready and raring to get back at it.

“It’s always a lot of hard work during pre-season but it’s the work you have to put in, to create a good base for our physical condition.

“We want to play with high intensity and we want to be dominant in games. The manager has explained how he wants us to play and we are all enjoying the camp so far.”

The one good thing about Lampard is he knows the culture at Stamford Bridge. It is no surprise that the players are enjoying pre-season under his tutelage.

Lampard will know what works with the squad and what does not. Managers previously have either lost the Blues dressing room or come close to it. If the former Derby County manager can get the players on side then there is every reason to believe they will have a decent season despite the transfer ban.

It will be tricky but the vibes coming from the players are that all is going good. you just have to read what Azpilicueta has said to feel the positivity surrounding the squad.

It is certainly going to be an interesting season with many eyes on the club to see how it pans out with the former Chelsea legend in charge.


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