Chelsea reject massive bid from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for Willian

The combination of losing Eden Hazard and being the subject of a two-window transfer ban has forced Chelsea into making transfer decisions that they probably would not normally make.

Reports have come in that the Blues have turned down two huge £35 Million bids from Atletico Madrid and Barcelona for midfielder Willian.

The 30-year-old has just 12 months left on his contract and normally when a player reaches that age with his contract winding down the Blues will either sell or offer just a one year extension and if they were to have received such a large offer for that player, under those circumstances, they would have taken it immediately, but these are not normal circumstances.

Chelsea simply cannot afford to lose any more players, certainly not ones with the sort of experience that the Brazilian has but that is the effects the transfer ban is having on the Europa League Champions.

In fact, they will now be offering Willian a two-year contract, which is something they just not do and that further underlines how the sands have shifted with the players having a significant advantage at this moment in time when it comes to making demands and negotiating contracts.


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