Chelsea fans will not be happy with the latest Eden Hazard news

If Chelsea fans thought that the transfer ban imposed on them by FIFA would prevent their best players leaving the club they are in for a shock.

One final appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sports is all that is left open to Chelsea to avoid the damaging sanction but it is very likely that the appeal will be rejected.

That means the Blues will not be able to sign any players over the age of 16 for two transfer windows and it was thought that would mean that certain players would not be allowed to leave the club, however, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has hinted that he will not stand in the way of any player that wants to leave and that includes Eden Hazard.

Discussing the Belgium superstar specifically Sarri said: “If Hazard thinks he’s done here, you won’t get that out of his mind anymore. I can talk to him, but it doesn’t work that simple.

“I want to keep Hazard, but I want a Hazard that is incredibly motivated.

“You need to be at the club for that. I’m not talking about new contracts so I can’t say anything about that,” added Sarri. “I can talk to the player as a father and not as a manager. But when I talk to him, you won’t hear anything about it.”

Those comments tell you all you need to know, if Hazard insists he wants to leave then Sarri will sanction the move, he does not want a player that is not motivated and that does not want to remain a Blue.

The signs are there that Hazard will be sold in the summer despite the transfer ban.


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