Chelsea and Arsenal should pull out all the stops to sign Premier League midfielder

jack grealish

Jack Grealish will be in high demand in the summer and Chelsea and Arsenal need him.

Aston Villa star Jack Grealish is a top talent make no mistake about that. It is an almost certainty that the top clubs will want to sign him as soon a the summer transfer window opens.

The 24-year-old has proven he can do it in the Premier League, if Villa avoids relegation it will be almost purely down to Grealish, they are very close to being a one-man team.

He is loyal to Villa but that will be tested to its core if the Villians get relegated.

Arsenal desperately needs a proper creative player, forget Mesut Ozil, he is well past his sell-by date. Chelsea has not come close to replacing Eden Hazard and Grealish would tick all the boxes for them.

Teams like Tottenham and Man Utd may also be interested but they have already made moves to fill the hole behind the strikers. Liverpool does not need a Jack Grealish and neither do Man City.

That leaves just the Gunners and Blues and you have to think Chelsea would be the front runners. Arsenal is effectively broke and unlikely to be able to offer European football.

All things considered, Chelsea would have to be a good bet for Grealish’s next club.

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