Arsenal legend makes startling admission about Tottenham

Former Gunner legend David Seaman has come out with a startling admission about Tottenham that may not go down to well with the Arsenal fans.

Speaking on Talksport, Seaman admitted that he would support Tottenham in a Champions League final against a foreign team.

When specifically asked what he felt about Spurs winning the Champions League, Seaman said:

‘I know, that’d be ace, wouldn’t it!

‘No seriously, I swear, I would want them to win. If they were in a final against a foreign team I would want Tottenham to beat them, no doubt about that.

‘Say Tottenham were playing Bayern Munich, Barcelona, whoever – I would want the English team to win.’

Now, he has been honest but football is very tribal, especially at club level and it is very probable that Seaman’s opinion is in the minority among the Arsenal faithful, the vast majority would want Barcelona or PSG to thrash Spurs and show no mercy, the idea that Tottenham could lift the biggest trophy in club football would be too much for Gooners to bare.

In fact, you can be sure that most Gooners last night were praying for a Borussia Dortmund comeback of epic proportions and will be hoping that Spurs get Barcelona or PSG in the next round of the Champions League.

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