Arsenal fans told to be grateful that Unai Emery is the manager

As a player, manager and pundit former Liverpool star Graeme Souness has never been shy of controversy and his latest comments about Arsenal manager Unai Emery certainly fall within that category.

Anyone checking social media and Arsenal fan forums will have noticed that there is clear frustration with Emery, his tactics, team selection and the continued rift with Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal lost 3-1 away to Man City yesterday, not a surprising result, however, for the fans, it was not the loss that has upset them so much but the manner of the loss, the Gunners failed to have a single shot on goal in the second half and the fans are not best pleased.

But for Souness, the fans should appreciate the sort of manager they have in Emery.

“You don’t need to reserve judgement, he’s a good manager,” Souness said of Emery on Sky Sports.

“I think he’s done, with that group of players, really, really well.

“I think Arsenal for a long time have been a team that have promised so much but never delivered.

“You don’t know what you’re getting from Arsenal.

“In the past you’d get a team that on a good day look like Barcelona at their best and on their worst day can be beaten by anyone.

“He’s got a big job on and his future will be decided on what support he gets from the board in terms of who he can buy and how much time he’s given.

“But I like him, he’s got a pedigree. I think Arsenal have done really well to get him.”

Souness does make some good points, however, Emery has made some baffling decisions and at the end of the day the buck does stop with him and patience is already running short with the Arsenal faithful and unless things change for the better soon then the call for Emery to be sacked will only grow.


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