Arsenal fans should be worried, very worried

On Thursday evening Napoli fans will be hoping that their team will be able to overturn a 2-0 deficit against Arsenal and they have every right to feel confident that will actually happen.

Arsenal are absolutely woeful on the road, they got oh so lucky against Watford last night and no one is kidding themselves not even Arsenal fans, that the best team lost.

That alone is not unusual, better teams do lose occasionally, but not when that team is down to 10 men with basically 80 minutes left to play.

The Gunners should have hammered the Hornets but at no stage in that game did that look likely, Watford outplayed and outfought them, but such is football that it is only the result that matters and for Arsenal fans, their team won, end of.

For Napoli, however, they will have watched that game and had their confidence levels boosted significantly and that should not happen, they should have seen an imperious Arsenal side destroy the English FA Cup finalists but that is not the message they would have taken from that game.

Chuck in the performance against Everton and quite a few other road games and you have to think that everyone connected with Napoli will feel bloody positive about their chances of making the semi-finals.

If I was an Arsenal fan I would be worried after last night, very worried.


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Anthony Turner

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