Arsenal fans loved what Liverpool ace said after win over Tottenham

The idea that Tottenham would win the Champions League had filled Arsenal fans with huge gloom but following Liverpool’s win over the Gunners most bitter rivals their disappointment at losing to Chelsea in the Europa League was soon forgotten and a massive wave of happiness swept over them.

This feeling had not gone unnoticed by Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who dedicated the win over Spurs to the Arsenal fans.

After the game, Oxlade-Chamberlain gave an interview to another former Gooner Per Mertesacker where he made clear where his true allegiance lies.

“As former Gooners we know what that meant to all the Arsenal fans out there.

“It was massive for us at Liverpool but once a Gooner, always a Gooner.

“I had a personal feeling in that game that we needed to get it done for all the people I left at Arsenal.

“I know they were all willing us on to win that one. I’m happy that we could do it.”

You just know that the Arsenal faithful will love their former player for those comments and he is right, it was a massive relief for Gooners everywhere that Liverpool prevailed otherwise their lives would have been made a misery by Tottenham fans for decades to come.


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